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Established in 1983, TELEBrands has launched more inventive and useful products through Direct Response Television (DRTV) than any other company in history. Founder and President, AJ Khubani has not only positioned the company as the driving force of the DRTV industry, but has also increased revenues from $83,000 to over $100,000,000 since the companyís inception.

Ajit Khubani realized early on the potential of using momentum from television ads to place his winning products on retail shelves. After a 1987 infomercial for AmberVision Sunglasses spurred sales of 15 million pairs, Khubani tested his theory with Hermanís Sporting Goods. The product was a retail success, just as it had been on television.

Retail sales now represent 90% of total product revenues and TELEBrands has become the authority in their niche market, with a strong presence in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and As Seen on TV stores.

Best-selling innovations like Smart Mop, Doggy Steps, the State Quarters Map and the Better Pasta Pot are attributed to exhaustive customer research to determine whether or not their products will appeal to the masses.

Today, TELEBrands has expanded their territory, with offices in the the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. They are also the first DRTV company to penetrate the challenging Indian market, with an office in Mumbai. TELEBrandsí Invention Channel can be seen on television, in print ads and catalogues, and on the Web in 90 countries. For more information visit.

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